Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thirteen things about Valentine's Day

1) All that candy!

2) It's a great chance to tell your family, your kids and everyone around you that you love them.
3) Whether you have someone special or not, it's a great holiday.

4) Since I love flowers, I'm easy to shop for.

5) One of our family traditions is that I always got the kids a stuffed animal for Valentines. I only stopped when they told me they were too old.
6) It's a great excuse for a date night, dinner together, something. Especially for people like us who rarely make time for one another.

7) Valentines Day is one day I don't have any trouble sitting down to write.

8) Valentine's Day is a great excuse to buy lingerie for yourself.

9) Or even your significant other!

10) I always feel the need for Frank Sinatra music, love songs, Pavarotti, Domingo and all those great Italian songs! Yeah, baby! Sing to me!

11) Valentines Day is a great reason to bake sweets. Almost as good a reason as Christmas time. But I don't feel like I have to make more than one thing, so it can be special. Thinking about a chocolate torte this year.

12) Watching my kid leave for school with stuff for his girlfriend he'd purchased without my help made me happy. He's growing up.

13) Valentines Day is one of those days I think of the people I'm grateful for and celebrate those relationships.

And since it's the 14th, let's do one more!
14) No matter where you are, what your circumstances, whether you have a significant other or not, whether you and your S.O. celebrate or ignore it, take a moment and think about all the people you love. Send them a little lift, a little bit of your spirit!


Judith Leger said...

Ah, Katie! That's a great post. I use to buy my kids stuffed animals too. They of course let me know too when they were older to stop! LOL! Mothers just want to show the LOVE!

Chumplet said...

You put me to shame, my dear. After 24 years with my significant other, I try to show my love every day, but fail miserably on Valentine's day.

Tonight it's gonna be takeout chicken and chocolate fondue for everyone!

Katie said...


We don't celebrate it as a couple, really. I got him some candy. Except for my tradition with the kids, nothing else is anything but general. Still, I love the day, and for me, it's special.

Gina Ardito said...

All good reasons! Here in NY, it's usually pretty cold in February, so a crackling fire and a little wine goes a long way to warming me up. What better time than Valentine's Day for that?

Peggy B. said...
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Peggy B. said...

I love the essence of romance, that feeling of love and sharing you have with your family! It is wonderful.

This is the first year I haven't been home to enjoy my kiddos and I'm a little lonesome today. But I do have my best friend with me, my husband of 24 years. I am blessed!

Hugs and happy writing, Katie! Enjoy the chocolates and flowers.

Peggy B.